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Ki = Sumerian for planet earth, a community.

Registry = record, depository, library.

A Transactional Network for the Built Environment

In October 2021, was launched to address the largest industrial complex on earth – the Built Environment. KiRegistry is powered by Covenantz, an Industry 4.0 innovator focused on contract covenant management, risk mitigation, SDGs and E-Carbon Provenance initiatives. is the “Windows” of project infrastructure -- data visualization across the whole construction eco-system.KiRegistry has created a tremendous opportunity space for the populous, company investors, and the environment.

The Challenge:

The construction industry is a critical stakeholder in ensuring that sustainability goals are met. As the biggest industry in the world, employing 100 million workers and generating annual revenues of $12T or 13% of world GDP, construction is a massive consumer of raw materials and natural resources both in how it operates and with what it builds.


It generates an estimated 39% of the world’s carbon emissions, according to the World Green Building Council. And according to a World Economic Forum report in the United States, construction and demolition are responsible for about 40% of solid waste.

It is very difficult to measure the sustainability of the process or the outcomes, because of the complexity of projects and the siloed way projects are produced.

The industry is extraordinarily inefficient and has had the lowest productivity gains of any industry. The construction industry is ripe for innovation and change, and a new approach is imperative to enabling the achievement sustainable  goals.

The Platform:

An eco-system that enables real-time transparency into project/program performance, team collaboration, and supplier status enabled by AI-informed project insight on a multi-tenant platform tailored specifically to the needs of our clientele and their customers.

KiRegistry has delivered projects in 1/3 of the time and saved up to 30% in costs, reflecting industry expertise and forward-thinking in its development. 

KiRegistry Is projected to create a 15% reduction to the built industry's global carbon footprint through identification of material componentry, tracking, monitoring and logistical optimization: a source of validation for Co2 credit management, SDGs, E-Carbon provenance and Climate-tax. 

KiRegistry is an NGO with 3 pillars (Community, Collaboration, and Transparency) to create industry networking, community building, cost & time controls, build trust, engagement, and confidence in decision-making throughout the entire project life cycle.

First FinTech + PropTech ecosystem to integrate 120 silos and the last mile integrator of more than 700+ software tools.

The Opportunity:

Anchor Tenants (ATs) are offered the right to operate and benefit within the network under a standard set of commercial terms, including pricing and capital contribution.


ATs will be able to build their own eco-bubble with a personalized label at: entry portal allowing them to generate their own eco-data from their direct business stream, managing all supply and investment transaction requirements, SDG, E-Carbon and carbon tax requirements through one single portal.

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