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Covenantz is an enterprise level technology company for the Built Environment. Our products and services help industry stakeholders to mitigate risks and create value for their projects. We accomplish this through a unique set of capabilities. We have an expert team of impressive AEC industry and Finance professionals who bring more than four decades of experience to deliver performance to the built world. Equally significant is our transactional network with Global Product Library, the only one of its kind. Our suite of eco-system tools and technology —combined with one of the largest project and product databases —allow industry leaders to make confident, data-driven decisions every day. No other organization in the world has this combination of unique capabilities to advance cost-effective risk mitigation and carbon provenance across the Built Environment.

Together, we are changing the way the world builds

Powered by Covenantz 4IR technology, is a revolutionary ecosystem and collaboration platform developed to benefit one of the most laggardly economic and environmentally opportunistic aspects of our global economy – the Built Environment. 

As a non-profit independent organization, maintains the highest principles of integrity and accountability. Governance is our foundational principle – through, we have created an ecosystem and collaboration community to transform project delivery with defensible data informed decisions, to ensure contract awareness and compliance, and enable a consistent application of established rules, objectives, and quality standards. Our solution is the first of its kind to enable project owners to integrate environmental considerations, such as carbon emissions, into project and resource planning, while mitigating risks to capital and project completion. 

Our ethical standards are why we have industry and governmental support, and they are the reason why tens of thousands of AEC specifiers worldwide are ready for to inform their design, build, and lifecycle management decisions.

Who we serve and how we help them

Our roots are in the construction industry. We create transparency, efficiencies, and value for infrastructure investors, owners, insurers, project managers, engineers, permitting specialists and all other contributors within the project delivery ecosystem. Our technologies are industry agnostic and can easily be adapted to other industries such as manufacturing, auto and aerospace, healthcare, and others. 

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver a global transactional network powered by collaboration and technology to the Built Environment. This network empowers people, reduces risks, and makes capital more efficient.

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