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Covenantz technologies de-risk 
siloed industry with transparent, validated data. is the first transactional network for the Built Environment, powered by Covenantz.

Get funded faster. Profit from operational and risk awareness!

We are a risk mitigation company creating value for the Built Environment.


Our Mission:


To deliver and manage a global transactional network powered by collaboration and technology to the Built Environment. This network empowers people, reduces risks, and makes capital more efficient.


Together, we are changing the way the world builds.

Covenantz provides intelligent contracts, workflows and algorithms to better enable responsive collaboration, mitigate risk and waste, increase profitability and promote stewardship throughout the Built Environment life cycle.  Our processes delivered projects in 1/3 the time and increased profitability across a siloed industry ecosystem.

On October 20, 2021, Covenantz launched, a transactional network with global product library focused on carbon provenance.

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